The Risk Takers

30 07 2010

33% of the planet population are Christians with growth rate 1.32%
22% are Muslims with highest growth rate on the list (1.84%), those are the biggest 2 faiths on earth, followed by 16% nonreligious.
Studying the list itself is extremely interesting because nearly every religion on this planet sees that it’s followers are safe and the rest are simply…very wrong !
The 2 religions mentioned combined make more than half of the population of thee globe, the first one sees the second one as just shutting it’s heart for Jesus Christ that nobody will pass to heaven without accepting him as a personal savior, while the second one sees the first one as insulting God by claiming that he took a son.
And it’s not just these 2, it’s like 90% of faiths thinks the same. But i m not here to talk about what is the right faith, i am here to talk pure simple statistics.

Since you can’t practice 2 religions in the same time this should be easy.
Assuming that the biggest faith (Christianity) is the right faith, then in this case your chances to be born in the “winning team” is 33%….but here’s the trick ! Christianity itself is divided into different sects, you have the Catholics, the the Orthodox, the Anglicans, the Protestants,….and many many others, i don’t know them all myself, and i wish it was only that; no…each big mentioned name is divided again into smaller sects so if you take Catholics you find them divided (Latin, Eastern, Oriental, ….etc)…the bad news is : they have so different views in the very fundamentals of Christianity till yes many of them thinks that the rest of Christians are “very wrong”, in fact some thinks they other are wrong to the extent that they will fry in hell. Which basically makes our 33% not valid anymore. Christians this way will be divided into groups where the biggest group (Protestants) will be smaller than Muslims.
So now if we assume that Islam is the right religion, your odds to be born now in the winning team are reduced to 22%, which will be reduced again because despite of the fact that the majority of Muslims are united on the fundamentals, some very small portions are also considered as very deviated in the eyes of the majority, so yeah our final rough figure will be something like 18%
But heyyy, the 18% is based on the assumption that Islam IS the RIGHT religion, which if we were wrong, then any other smaller religion CAN be the right one, and we have so many religions on earth, some with even couple of thousands of followers. So actually the 18% is the BEST chance you can have as a baby born on earth, you actual figure anyway should vary between 18% and 0.0000001% (assuming that there GOT TO BE someone telling the truth out there) !!!
However, i will be very optimistic and assume that the number is 18 🙂 !

Studying the 18% :
-If doctors told you the success rate of this surgery is 18%, normally you ask them “is there any better options ?”
-You do not buy a car if you knew that chances it will be malfunctioning are 82%
-You do not make your child go to a school with 18% success rate last year

YET !!!! you are completely assured about the religion you were born in, some people don’t even bother asking “what else is in the market of faith ?”

And you do this KNOWING that a bad surgery can cost you your life (approx ~60 years) and a bad car choice will cost you a car lifetime (approx ~15 years) and a bad school can make your kids fail how many years ? 2 years? 5 years ??!!!
BIG DEAL ! cause a bad faith can cost you what ? eternal hell ? yeah…but that’s not something we pay attention to.

The answer would be something like: “i know about those Others, i know how silly is what they think of, and i m sure of what i got” ….So, how did you learn about them ? was it from your Priest or Imam or Minister ? was it from your own people’s books and media ? what does that suppose to do ? makes u get a Real Image ??? well think again , because you didn’t !
You didn’t go to their Mosque/Church/Chapel/Templ

e and ask them what do they sell today ? You didn’t do that for a simple reason, because you are afraid of looking at yourself while doing it and feeling that you have doubts, because after all, if you didn’t like what they sell, you will end up knowing that you betrayed your faith in the first place by even thinking of doing that, which is BAD.

So you decide to be a risk taker, you know very well about the 18%, even before i speak about it, but you decide to take your chances and stick to your parent’s faith and hope/believe it is the true thing.

Speaking about parents, i used to stop by the many verses in Quraan that are practically “mocking” the stubborn people -along human history- that refused to be open minded and stayed in their safe zone (parent’s beliefs), which made me always wonder : but i m Muslim after my parents ! so does this book order me to Question it ???? anyway, will come to that later.

Back to the risk takers, so yeah they decided to be risk takers, but some other people were eager to know, to know all and the distinguish the right from the wrong, they knew about the 18% and it was too scary for them, and they also knew about some other facts before they do their search, they knew that this path has led other men before to completely loose faith in God, had led some others to become agnostics, and led many others to change faith to many other destinations, so yeah, it’s impossible that everyone of them has reached the right thing, so it’s a risky way ! but for them, it was better than the 18%, and they took the risk, to be…..another type or risk takers

So we’re all at the end some way or another “Risk Takers”, and the question is : knowing that, can you publish or advertise for your Faith/Religion without at least checking out, what’s over there ? Can you be proud for knowing nothing and repeating what your parents repeated after their parents ?
I can understand the honor and proud of the early Muslims, the ones that experienced the highness of worshiping the universe’s creator after worshiping stones and mud ! I CAN get that, because it sounds awesome, it’s a progress !!
I can understand how a roman soldier that did nothing but killings souls in vain with no purpose nor aim can find peace in Christianity that taught him to respect life forms, because that’s A PROGRESS !
But what i can’t understand is someone sitting home, did not do a single progress in his life, learning the books and writings of his folks, dedicating his life to try to “prove” that everyone else is So Wrong ! How can he be sure that he’s right in the first place ? he didn’t see something else to construct a benchmark , to even know how awesome what does he have in hands ! how can you tell that it’s light while you claim you never been to darkness ? It’s tricky.

So yeah, these verses in Quraan have led me to start thinking that my parents CAN be wrong , it’s 18% after all, and that if they were right, then in this case, i have to Earn It somehow, because if someone gave you a brand new car as a gift, the least you can do is to learn how to drive it !!! and also for some other reason will be mentioned at the end.

I know that guy, a normal guy from a normal Egyptian Muslim family, he fell in love with a christian girl, both families greatly fought them, but they challenged everybody and got married, guy’s family merely kept in touch with him, girl’s family on the other hand has completely renounced her. For a short while,they lived quietly with no family links, till she got a serious illness, he stayed by his wife for months, then she died; and when she died her family refused to take the body or even go see her, she never changed faith, she was a devoted christian, and yet when he went to her church to give her the ceremonials that he knew she wanted to have, they refused, in fact, all churches refused…
The man that has just lost his wife -and before he even have a chance to grieve- had to gather his strength…..he had to carry her body and put it in his car….he had to drive hundreds of kilometers in depth of the desert in the middle of the night…in order to reach a monastery that will accept to bury her !
Something is deeply wrong in this story, extremely wrong and extremely disturbing.

Our lives are not worthy because of the things we do for ourselves, our lives gain value from what we do for other people, what does “serving your religion” means if it did not help a human ???
“Religion” is not a man that needs your help, but people DO need your help, and You need that help too, we just proved that more than 82% are screwed ! and you can simply be one of them ! and you won’t be able to cross that line unless someone else helped ! This is not a game where you find yourself in a team and do your best so that your team wins and the others are proven wrong, this is a game where your interest lies in trying to get everyone win, because you can simply be on the wrong team, and your chances of winning in this case depends on someone from the winning team willing to give you a hand !!!
So yes, this is the other reason for “Earning It” that i was talking about, i want to be on the winning team, i want to Help others, in order to Get Helped !
After that…. if the judgment was on the result, then i m hoping that helping and being helped will bring a better result.
And if the the judgment on was on the effort, then i m sure then that giving all what can is better than “i took my 18%”
Maybe that’s why human life form is respected, maybe that’s why you are being tested in a planet full of people like you, not alone in a room, because you Need people in order to pass this exam, and they need you too ! because simply, the odds are not good if we’re alone.

Reda Maged

Originally posted in December 13, 2009



6 responses

21 08 2010
Ahmad Hagag

Amazing ya Reda

21 08 2010
Reda Maged

ya basha Allah yekremak
…3ash men sem3 soutak 🙂

14 09 2010

Okay, i get the whole risk takers and stat thing. But i kind of lost you at some point. Now you are urging people to learn, and to have their faith and believes assured through using all the resources they have, and reading more and knowing better?

14 09 2010
Reda Maged

well yeah…and to have enough courage to accept that the Other is not the Enemy. It is very crucial to walk in someone else’s shoe from time to time. It’s very important to remember that we humans owe loyalty to our kind, that helping someone not from ur religion nor from ur country is a mandatory duty, cause that’s how we (as humans) will advance.

14 09 2010

good way of thinking. Hope it spreads in all its positive manners 🙂

14 09 2010
Reda Maged

thanks alot 🙂

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