The so-called Freewill

30 07 2010

We have computers, and we know about simulations… more than anybody did before in human kind history.
I can run a galactic simulation on my Pentium 3 (a dull piece of silicon with several million transistor inside) and know exactly where a certain star will be after 100 000 years, precision is +/- 0.001 second.

It is inevitable to believe that the designer of the universe and all its creatures (including you) knows exactly what will be your next move, and the ones after…till u die.

And that’s why time is a local dimension for our universe. But for God, it’s all done.
Which makes it very convenient to mention the religious fact that our destination (Heaven or Hell) was predetermined from the day we were born.

—It’s all done—

Something about humans:
humans are ‘moderate’ creatures when it comes to physical abilities.
There are animals that can run faster than you, creatures that can dive and fly while u can’t, communicate faster than u do, hear better, talk louder, lift heavier, tolerate colder and hotter temperatures….etc
We -the humans- are not super in ANY single physical attribute. What makes us so special is not even our minds and the knowledge we have, most probably the apes have more knowledge about momentum than you do, and fishes will have more knowledge about fluids dynamics than our experts in the field.

What makes you special : that you -and only you- have the ability to Believe…

You are the only one also that makes inventions, but in fact, inventing is dependent on belief…to invent an airplane, first you believe that somehow you will be able to fly, and then you go through the invention process that involves acquiring knowledge…and that’s why many inventions fail, because you believed in the first place in something wrong.

Every other creature we encountered so far is “either knowing or not knowing about things” … but we are the only ones having the ability to believe in things that May or May Not exist and give our VERY BEST efforts trying to prove them using all our moderate physical abilities.

SO….If you think that this life is some sort of exam, expect then that the exam will Focus on Belief…otherwise, a fish can apply for it.

Back to the freewill thing :
Clearly the fact of “—It’s all done—” leaves some believers in god a bit frustrated, because when being said like that, it gives the feeling that your answer paper in this exam is already written by someone else, and there is nothing you can do about it……until you hear in Quraan:

“ادعونى استجب لكم”
which is mainly a commitment from Allah to make your wishes come true, even if you asked him to change your destiny !
So it states that the “results board” is dynamically changing…these changes are triggered by your specifically mentioned Prayers….but as you may expect, changes in your life will affect other people’s life, so practically, the tiny changes that you will pray for and come true, have longer effects…on the future of this whole universe !

Ok it’s kind of scary ; minutes ago, you were frustrated and seeking to just gain control on your life…Now you know that you are given a tool that can change your entire universe future (or the history that we didn’t see yet) !!! but deep inside you, you know Very Well that you can’t handle such power, so now seems like the perfect time to start PANIC !
And just when you are on the edge of freaking out….Allah addresses you in Quraan saying :
“ولو يعجل الله للناس الشر استعجالهم بالخير لقضي اليهم أجلهم فنذر الذين لا يرجون لقاءنا في طغيانهم يعمهون”
Stating that Allah will FILTER your prayers for you, you don’t have to worry , you just pray him and avoid being like those mentioned in the end of the verse, and he will take care of the rest for you !
Which makes you just wanna sit down and cry…. because this is SO good…Better than anything you had imagined or wished.
You never expected that you can cause That Much, and that Allah is there for you in your exam ‘Banning’ you from writing wrong answers…. And you would have never believed that such thing is true, unless it was mentioned by Allah !

And after that… if you hear
“و لقد كرمنا بني آدم و حملناهم في البر و البحر و رزقناهم من الطيبات و فضلناهم علي كثير ممن خلقنا تفضيلا”
You hear it AS IF it is your first time to hear such words…AS IF the word “honoring” never meant anything to you…But now it DOES !

And it can’t get ANY better, frankly !
But we’re not done yet…

” انا عند ظن عبدي بي فليظن بي ماشاء”
Hadith Qodsy, gives us more insight about what’s happening.

Let’s take every case and see what comes out
– If you don’t believe in god at all… that’s the worst kind of ‘Zann’ ever i think…expected that you won’t bother Praying to something you do not acknowledge, refusing using the tool will leave with no chances actually…and you will end up with what the Hadith predicted.

– If you believe in god, but think that “—it’s all done—“, then why will you bother and pray a god that left you hopeless in front of an unavoidable destiny ? most probably you will feel it’s useless to do this…so again, the bad belief in Allah gave a bad end, matching with what the Hadith has just stated.

– If you believe in Allah and think good of him, you will use your trust and PRAY him to be saved, cause you Believe that he keeps his promises, the promises about fulfilling your prayers, and the other promise about being good to you as long as you think good of him. and Clearly, that’s pretty much how you go through it.

So now we Know the following : to pass your test you should Pray, and what will make you pray in fact is, … your Good Belief in your god.

I wanna stress on the word “ماشاء” in the end of Hadith, because this is the tricky part in all of it…You wanted the ‘Will’ ? here’s your will…it’s IN your belief.
so let’s recall what we said earlier about humans;
We said that humans are the only ones having the ability to “believe” ….they have this kind of loose machine that keep generating wrong or right believes

FIND THIS MACHINE, Know how to use it, Get acquainted with it, Drive it safely and Try Not to make accidents by using it in a wrong manner.

well……………..last line seems to me now more like an exam paper with set of questions to solve !!!
good luck

Reda Maged

Originally posted in May 2, 2009




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