Story: The Ride Home

3 04 2011

He needs two rides to get home. He’s waiting the first bus and it’s already late.
Every second he spends is either getting him closer to the bus arrival or simply getting him extra late in case the bus won’t show up.
He gotta make a decision, because if he waits too long maybe the second ride won’t be available anymore; and if he walks, maybe the first bus comes flying and go past him in no time.

……………….and he walks.

Tagline: Faith, and its games!




2 responses

21 04 2011
Noha Farag

I dont know why do u consider that he lost faith when he walked.. i c that he did what he should do, a positive action towards his goal instead of being in the zero state (waiting)

21 04 2011
Reda Maged

Faith -by definition- is the conviction in smth without a material evidence. If you take the early muslims as example, they used to be tortured for their belief in Allah. They never saw, touch or hear Allah. And if a reasonable person like you talked back there, he would have said smth like: preserving your life (that you are sure it exists) is better than being in zero state and wait for a God (that you never saw) to come and rescue you !

Faith got nothing to do with math or statistics or calculations. I personally think that faith should only be applied for God-related issues . On the other hand, for all earthly issues, math and statistics should be enough 🙂

The prior story was meant to highlight a situation that repeats in all forms of faiths, a situation that imposes the Q: “when should the one loose faith ?”

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