Tell me

6 08 2011

Tell me about the shame of being a young father who can’t sustain his family;  and then tell me about the rest of young fathers and mothers bringing children to this world having no sense of shame for not being able to tell their descendants why exactly they were born ?

Tell me about the wonders and thoughts when people meet kings and royals.  And then tell me about staring at stars, knowing that we failed to detect life on everywhere we looked in sky up to distances of 13.2 billion light years .  Tell me about being alone in this insanely vast universe, and how’s that provokes no wonders to most of people.


Tell me about the growing need in an adopted child’s chest to discover the identity of his real parents; and then tell me about our current world’s population that has no real history documents older than 2500 years. Why don’t we want to know where we came from ? Why are we talking, debating and are interested in things happened from only 2500 years while this planet is 4.54 billion years old ?


We live in present, we live in this tiny little point of time called “present”, and no matter how we pretended otherwise, we’re truly not interested in anything happened before or happens after.

The facts are strange… humans are not the less.